Queen of Angels Child Care Center

The Marajo Group’s Corporate Social Program



The Queen of Angels, a project of cecilia campos in 2013 started as a small tent feeding program of less than a hundred children in the del pan and surroundings community.

With the full support of the Marajo Group, the child care center is now housed in a building complete with classrooms, a kitchen, and eating area, and a chapel.

Aside from just being A feeding center, volunteers now take care of bathing and teaching the children, as well as holding weekly catechism and regular saturday masses.

As the group’s small way of  giving back, we are happy to provide a safe haven for these children in need…. they are our little angels.


The group believes in giving back to society and taking care of the less fortunate children. Lita Bondoc has opened up her heart to these little angels and contributes to their total well-being and improvement in life.


Taken from a page in Lita Bondoc’s second book, Build on Dreams.

“You gifted me with so much; with eyes to spot things of beauty, with hands to transform the ordinary to extraordinary, with a heart to feel deeply for what I do, and a soul to know that my work does not belong to me, but to You. Your gift of a second life (on top of the everyday life that I continue to enjoy) has reminded me that these are times of giving back, of sharing the grace You have poured my way. Thank you for all the reasons to dream, and to build on those dreams.”